The Biggest Sin on the Planet: Jews Building Houses By David Suissa

Listen to John Kerry’s speech on the comatose Middle East “peace process,” or follow the serial condemnations against Israel at the United Nations, including the latest Security Council resolution 2334, and you’d think that the biggest sin in the world is that Jews build too much. They build too many houses, too many schools, too many synagogues, too many hospitals, too many roads.

Think about that. The biggest problem with the Jews is not that they go on terror rampages that murder thousands of innocents, or that they jail poets, hang gays or stone women. No, it’s that they build too much.

But there was a problem. The United Nations, that same anti-Israel haven that once declared that “Zionism is racism,” decided that these liberated areas were “Occupied Palestinian Territory” and that any Jewish construction in these areas, including at the Western Wall, was a “flagrant violation of international law.”

You’d never know any of this from hearing Kerry tell the world that these Jewish settlements are such a pernicious “threat” to peace because they’re taking up space for a Palestinian state. What he failed to mention, as most people do, is that there already is a Palestinian state—it’s called Gaza, and it’s run by religious anti-Semitic madmen sworn to destroy the Zionist state. more at Jewish Journal.

Al-Aqsa Imam Threatens War

In yet another act of aggression towards jews and Israel, Al-Aqsa imam and Supreme Muslim Council Head Sheikh Ekrima Sa’id Sabri has threatened that there will be war if President Elect Donald Trump moves the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
During his campaign, Trump repeatedly promised that he would move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, a move that is highly contested. Israel’s enemies respond to strength, and it is an act of strength to declare and recognize Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the Jewish people while proving that the United States is in charge, which is why under a Donald Trump presidency, the embassy will likely be moved to Jerusalem.

According to Sabri, Trump’s decision to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem is equivalent to declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Sabri responded by urging Muslims in Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem to take action. More at Geller Report.

The Unkindest Cut of All, Right in the Back of Israel by Suzanne Fields

If Israel were a nation in human form, like Uncle Sam or Marianne, the feminine symbol of France, long bloody knives would be protruding from both back and breast.

The man with blood on his hands would be President Obama, who departed from decades of American policy under several presidents — both Republican and Democrat — and refused to veto a United Nations Security Council resolution rebuking Israel for land settlements, which the Jewish state hopes to use in a land swap to secure a lasting peace.

The president’s action, or rather lack of action, is nothing less than treachery. The man presents himself as a great friend of Israel, but his long knives cut deep in a malevolent farewell gesture of contempt for the only democracy in the Middle East. Coming from the United States, Israel’s most reliable friend for so long, this was the unkindest cut of all.

Obama and Israel, Strike and Counterstrike By CAROLINE B. GLICK

UN Security Council Resolution 2334 was the first prong of outgoing US President Barack Obama’s lame duck campaign against Israel.

Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech on Wednesday was the second.

On January 15, stage 3 will commence in Paris. At France’s lame duck President Francois Hollande’s international conference, the foreign ministers of some fifty states are expected to adopt as their own the anti-Israel principles Kerry set forth in his speech.

The next day it will be Obama’s turn. Obama can be expected to use the occasion of Martin Luther King Jr. Day to present the Palestinian war to annihilate Israel as a natural progression from the American civil rights movement that King led fifty years ago.

Finally, sometime between January 17 and 19, Obama intends for the Security Council to reconvene and follow the gang at the Paris conference by adopting Kerry’s positions as a new Security Council resolution. That follow-on resolution may also recognize “Palestine” and grant it full membership in the UN. More at Town Hall.

Trump team wants Netanyahu at inauguration

US president-elect’s White House transition team has been “aggressively” pursuing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to attend the inauguration ceremony in Washington, DC later this month, the New York Post reported on Sunday.

Netanyahu’s tense relationship with outgoing US President Barack Obama was exacerbated in recent weeks, after the White House publicly clashed with Israel over its West Bank policy and later declined to veto a UN Security Council resolution condemning settlements.

Speaking to reporters outside his Mar-a-Lago estate on Thursday, Trump lambasted the UN for condemning Israel, saying that “horrible places, that treat people horribly, haven’t even been reprimanded” by the international body.

On Saturday evening, Trump told reporters Israel is “very, very important” to him. More at The times of Israel and The New York Post and The Jerusalem Post.

Kerry’s Delusions and Friendship

If one looks only at the main talking points, there was nothing new in yesterday’s speech by Secretary of State John Kerry about the Middle East peace process. Kerry’s lengthy remarks were in that respect a rerun of a similar speech given by President Bill Clinton at the end of his administration in 2000. Kerry believes that a two-state solution is the only way to end the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians and the parameters he laid out for such a deal are no different that those of Clinton. What was different was the angry, self-righteous tone he adopted toward Israel in which he made clear that the lion’s share of the blame for the failure of peace negotiations belongs to the Netanyahu government and the mere lip service he gave to the notion that the Palestinians have any responsibility for what has happened.

The contradictions and distortions in Kerry’s narrative of events aren’t the most remarkable aspect of his parting shot at Israel. Rather, it is the way he links his frustration, his failed efforts, and his delusions about the Palestinians to Israel’s legitimacy and its future. In Kerry’s view, Israel must not merely abandon its rights and any leverage it might have in advance of future talks but it must also be branded a rogue state if it fails to obey his orders. Friendship on these terms is something that the overwhelming majority of Americans who care deeply about the Jewish state must reject. Read more at Commentary.

So what should the Trump Administration do?

It is possible that President Obama actually believes that his 11th hour Mideast madness at the UN — stealthily coordinated with the Palestinians, according to Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu; initiated by the U.S., according to the Egyptians — will foster peace in the Arab-Israeli conflict. This is so delusional that if his belief is in fact honest it is arguably even less flattering than if he knows better and is lying. In the cynical realism that is much the fare of international diplomacy being dumb is more of an insult than being stupid — hence the famous quip, oft attributed to France’s Napoleonic era foreign minister Talleyrand, “worse than a crime, it was a blunder.” More at The Spectator.