Trump team wants Netanyahu at inauguration

US president-elect’s White House transition team has been “aggressively” pursuing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to attend the inauguration ceremony in Washington, DC later this month, the New York Post reported on Sunday.

Netanyahu’s tense relationship with outgoing US President Barack Obama was exacerbated in recent weeks, after the White House publicly clashed with Israel over its West Bank policy and later declined to veto a UN Security Council resolution condemning settlements.

Speaking to reporters outside his Mar-a-Lago estate on Thursday, Trump lambasted the UN for condemning Israel, saying that “horrible places, that treat people horribly, haven’t even been reprimanded” by the international body.

On Saturday evening, Trump told reporters Israel is “very, very important” to him. More at The times of Israel and The New York Post and The Jerusalem Post.

Sexy Russian spy schools Instagram followers on foreign affairs

Sexy Russian spy Anna Chapman is still chiming in on foreign affairs — from her Instagram page.

The pretty redhead, who was booted from the United States in 2010 for espionage, posts frequently on her social-media account, blasting out glam photos of herself in fur outfits along with politically charged statements.
Last Wednesday, she denounced “western diplomats” while addressing the recent assassination of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey at an Ankara art exhibit.

“Most of the western diplomats are currently expressing their condolences to Russia over the death of our ambassador in Turkey,” she wrote in the post to her more than 27,000 followers.

“In which case, I would really like to ask them: Weren’t you the ones accusing our country of made-up war crimes in Syria? Weren’t you the ones accusing us of murdering women and children?” More at The New York Post.