Kerry’s Delusions and Friendship

If one looks only at the main talking points, there was nothing new in yesterday’s speech by Secretary of State John Kerry about the Middle East peace process. Kerry’s lengthy remarks were in that respect a rerun of a similar speech given by President Bill Clinton at the end of his administration in 2000. Kerry believes that a two-state solution is the only way to end the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians and the parameters he laid out for such a deal are no different that those of Clinton. What was different was the angry, self-righteous tone he adopted toward Israel in which he made clear that the lion’s share of the blame for the failure of peace negotiations belongs to the Netanyahu government and the mere lip service he gave to the notion that the Palestinians have any responsibility for what has happened.

The contradictions and distortions in Kerry’s narrative of events aren’t the most remarkable aspect of his parting shot at Israel. Rather, it is the way he links his frustration, his failed efforts, and his delusions about the Palestinians to Israel’s legitimacy and its future. In Kerry’s view, Israel must not merely abandon its rights and any leverage it might have in advance of future talks but it must also be branded a rogue state if it fails to obey his orders. Friendship on these terms is something that the overwhelming majority of Americans who care deeply about the Jewish state must reject. Read more at Commentary.